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Casino Nights

Casino nights are a fun way to reward your team! They are an inexpensive alternative to the typical holiday party or company meeting. If you're throwing a holiday party or need team building ideas ask about a casino party.

Themes- Casino parties can have themes! Vegas Theme, Hollywood Theme, Monte Carlo Theme, Western Theme, Gangster Theme!

Staff- Our casino night dealers are professional entertainers, not little old men that like cards. Our dealers can eat fire at the tables and do magic at the tables. You may also notice our dealers are unusually fit for casino dealers it's because they are also aerial acrobats and flying trapeze artists. If interested, ask about our flying trapeze team building experience.

Equipment- Our casino tables are from Las Vegas, not table toppers. We reserve high end casino tables for our corporate parties. We have other casino tables for your festival's casino tents. Our casino chips are Las Vegas weight casino chips.

Classic Casino Tables

♠ Casino Craps- We offer two levels of craps play, professional and simplified. Craps is a great casino game, but often can be confusing to beginners. Ask about our simplified craps tables and beginners tutorials. Soon your craps table will be packed with people whooping and hollering. Craps can be very exciting.

♣ Casino Roulette- Classic and beautiful casino roulette is an easy game for beginning players.

♥ Casino Black Jack- Black Jack or Twenty - One is a fun card game for beginning players. Often parties will choose to have more than one black jack table.

♦ Casino Texas Hold'em- Just like the pros! Texas hold'em is the game of choice for some of your colleagues. We supply the professional dealer as well as all the buttons for a real casino feel!

Exciting Alternative Casino Tables

  • ♠ Let it Ride
  • ♣ Beat the Dealer
  • ♥ 3 Card Poker
  • ♦ Chuck A Luck
  • ♠ Wheel of Luck
  • ♣ Casino War
  • ♥ Draw Poker
  • ♦ 5 Card Stud
  • ♠ Big 6 Wheel
  • ♦ Derby Horse Race

Additonal Casino Night Entertainment

Lock your guests in an inflatable box and watch them scramble for cash! ...or raffle tickets, or whatever you'd like to fill it with. An air-powered blower circulates the prizes while they grab as much as they can.

Find the right key for the lock and win what's inside! Choose your own prizes to "lock up."

We offer an extensive array of living statues. Silver Elvis, Gold Frank Sinatra, Blue Gangster, Silver James Bond and Gold Girl are popular casino night statues.

We have fun DJ's and disc jockeys. Remember our DJ's know how to run a casino night, can play games not just music with your guests and eat fire!

Casino Nights are a mix of people. A strolling magician approaches tables and will make people laugh. Great for cocktail hours.

Want something for the ladies? We have excellent palm readers. They'll make you a believer.

Any background, any theme, any size groups. Green screen photography is way better than a traditional photo booth. We offer instant color prints or unlimited website downloads! Faster than a photo booth with accessories for fun memories!

Ask about our Head through the table and Cheese Sculptor!

Casino Night Themes & Decor

Jazz up your casino night by picking a theme or adding decor! We have all the little "extras" to make your event that much more memorable. We can do Gangsters, Roaring Twenties, Westerns, Hollywood, or create your own! We have a warehouse full of interactive and stationary accessories and costumes to fit any occasion. And if we don't got it, we'll get it!

  • Giant Star Entrance
  • Red Carpet Entrance
  • Welcome Las Vegas Sign
  • Aces & Eights Sign
  • Aces Sign
  • Giant Dice
  • Really Giant Dice
  • Balloon Arches
  • Money Balloons
  • Plus much much more!

Casino Night FAQ's

Yes we travel! Indianapolis, Columbus, Louisville, Lexington, just to name a few. Contact us for availability.

Yes we can make recommendations on reception halls and venues.

Yes we take care of everything so you can have fun too!

It may surprise some people that the Cincinnati Circus Company provides Casino Nights. The truth is that we have always been more than just a circus. We are an entertainment company with actors and professional performers not just circus performers. We have been performing casino nights for the past four years and in that time have hosted hundreds. Many of our clients have us back year after year for casino. Others have us back to perform other holiday or team building entertainment, such as our mystery theater, game shows, and circus experiences.

One of the biggest benefits to using the Cincinnati Circus Company for your event in addition to the cost is that our entertainers all train together. Because we are a traditional circus in addition to being an entertainment company we have nightly practices where our people work together to improve. Our clients then get a staff that knows each other well and can make your event smooth and fun.

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